Monday, April 8, 2019

Livelihood vs Lifestyle - Stories from Sirohi

Clock ticks 12 and I crave for something to eat, not because I'm hungry but because of the choices I have. Flicking through the phone, I've seen Zomato app 19 times and Swiggy 9 times.  Checks out the apps for no reason. Want to eat but need nothing. 

Shahgouse Mutton Biryani Double Masala is what I order when I'm hungry. Cream Stone Death by Chocolate is what I order when I want to eat. The cart goes beyond this when I have a cashback offer. Doesn't matter, If I'm hungry or not but I buy food which I can't finish.  One order costs 400 rupees which may seem an extravagance. That's okay. Got a card to pay and sulk later. 

Getting back to the present, I no more live an app life. I finish my dinner before 9. I tend to sleep by 11pm. Here I'm in a district where 8pm is the closing time for all the food. 

Comparing my lifestyle and livelihood, I'm glad I'm here in this foreign place without much anxiety to try out things or want to eat. 

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