Saturday, September 30, 2023

Memories- The Memory Lane

I woke up with Azhar's message mentioning the blog link and said,  "Thanks for your writing. Helping me in many ways."

I wrote about our Mandvi trip, 3 years ago and was touched by the way it's helping my friend to walk back to the memory lane. After rereading my blog, I couldn't stop myself from revisiting the memories. 

We have a lot of pictures, videos and also this blog from that trip. I do not plan to ponder on what medium is more etching and impactful. I wish to express in the mediums, i'm most comfortable with. I'm so grateful to continue the writing journey. 

I had my doubts wondering if the blog writing is really worthy as it takes a lot of time. Recently, I stopped myself from writing blog, in fear of various irrational reasons but, with a dear friend's heartful message, I'm enthusiastic to show up at the desk and continue writing. 

I take this time, to reflect on my blogging journey and share my gratitude. 

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