Sunday, September 10, 2023

Geneva Journals- The Elmizan Concert

What a day to end with! Elmizan blew my mind with their song list. It was pure fun. Percussion, guitar, bass,saxophone and soulful musicians. Enjoyed the night. 

While I was waiting for the concert, I met a person from Middle east who pursued his bachleors in 1986, even before I was born. He's working with IPALM on one health, the concept which is about health of animals, humans and environment and how disease interacts with three of this things. 

He's into viriologoy. The moment, I told I'm from India. He said "Namaste. Are you from Tamil Nadu?" 

I said Yes. The little amount of time I stayed in Velllore and the fact I know Tamil, I identified myself from Tamil Nadu and went ahead chatting with him. He said, "most of the time, it's computer job as the people in the lab does the work and gives us the data. We need to work with it. You never know where you are gonna end up in your professional world as it's very diverse. It's a big world."

Maybe I needed to hear those words. 

He was into Medical science. Began with PhD, worked as techinical assistant, Director and now he's working with UN. While I was continuing to catch up with him, I could spot the senior whom I just met and turned to her to speak. So rude of me, I could've politely mentioned it to him and talke to her. I began to talk to her in excitement and turned to him. I apologised to him. He said, "....and you didn't even introduce me."

Both of us sat right at the front and enjoyed the concert completely. Great time. 

A met her favourite artists. We walked home discussing stories. Good day. On the way, we met one person from Kabul and he showed me the Rashid Khan picture as we were talking of Hyderabad. he also mentioned how he know Shahrukh Khan, Preity Zinta. 

Talking of all this, he missed the stop. Cool dude. S and I walked uphill to the residence. Good company makes walk more merriful. Good day. 


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