Sunday, September 10, 2023

Geneve Journals- Finding Love at the La Jonction

 Strolling around Geneve, I pinged A, if I could join them, if they're up for any huddle. Luckily, they were huddling at Jonction. A place where rivers Rhone and Arve join. A beautiful and natural phenomenon. I decided to run towards Junction and wait for the group. 

At my own pace, I ran towards junction and was exhilirated to see the flowing water. How does a flow evoke? I have a love hate relationship with flowing water. I love to always be there but get triggered by many dark memories. Yet, there I was, thrilled to jump into the water and get lost. 

I explored the place a bit and waited for friends. As they were on their way, I sketched a bit and wrote few words. Everyone there were enjoying the flowing water, thumping rhythm and bright sun. I spotted a man who was comfortable playing chess on his phone, swinging his legs in the air. There were couple of people, who were sketching for a while and dancing whenever their favorite song is played. 

As I went on with my sketching spree, I waited for my folks and atlast got a message from A. Was happy to find the folks. A was already in the water. E, A, L, M had their dip in water and were chilling out with the food. I put everything down with them and jumped into water. 

Flowing along the current, I swam a bit and tried to find my place in water. Got out, got in. Water is elusive. It takes effort to stay afloat. It takes effort to stay away from it. 

Thanks to A, spotted the differences between Swans and ducks. Next, I better be more observant and taxonmize it correctly. 

E, the fortune teller has opened her magic cards which kinda reveals one's love life by the choices we make. It was fun to see how everyone made their choices. It's nice that we were playing our chances to find love at La Jonction, the place where two rivers unite, a natural and beautfiul phenomenon. I wish love happens to all of us in such natural yet magical ways. Thanks E, You're doing great job. Helping people to find their love. 

Racing for sights, scenes, we strolled, captured scenes, putting us in the frame and shared our stories a bit. I'm glad I could make it to this. At the end of the day, we took our own paths, with a hope to make so many such memories, along our way. 

Thanks A for hosting it. Had a lovely time. 

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