Saturday, September 30, 2023

Memories- 2016 and Onwards

I graduated in mid 2016. The year in which a lot of life events happened in my life. I hardly remember celebrating the so called 'milestone' moments.

I was not ready to accept that things are ending even though they were ending on a very high note. 

My first half of 2016 went in my getting 2nd book published, setting up TEDx community and being clueless about the future. 

Grateful to have Meghana, Samhita, Amulya, Ravi Teja & Vineeth by my side.

L to R- Meghana, Samhita, Amulya, Ravi Teja. 

The time when I discovered that 4 years of my education doesn't need to define my life. 

The view from my room. I never appreciated this enough for 4 years. 

My favourite game. I always insited the gang to play this after my return from Mysore. 

After graduation, I spent a month, reading books, just books in hostel, trying to escape from the reality. Either fortunately or unfortunately, I had to face the reality and took up the option of taking a break and moved to Bangalore for a while. Spent couple of months in Bangalore surrounding myself with books, stories, reading and some traveling. 
Samhita, Myself, Ravi Teja & Vineeth

At Banglore, on the day, I wanted to meet Susmitha, I got down with chicken pox and couldn't meet her. The last time I met her was in 2010 and wanted to meet her again in 2016 but, couldn't catch up with her. Back then, my parents were in Raichur, Karnataka. I returned to them and spent most of my time in bed, resting recovering from chicken pox. 

Year started on a high note but ended in a very normal, unexpected way.

Circa 2016

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