Thursday, September 28, 2023

Birthday- The joyful Epsa is 21 now.

Epsa is one of the first few people I met on my first day at Geneva. I remember Epsa offering words of assurance to someone on the first day without an air of condescendence as well as sharing her concerns.  A young graduate, out of her home to take a new journey, all together. Impressive. 

A few days here and there, I run into her often and get to know the struggles of Economics graduate. Slowly, eventually, I began to hang out with the group of joyful, chirpy girls Gayatri, Adhira, Anjali and Epsa, I hear more of them and their journeys. 'Pata hai?' Epsa starts and share some stories. As quick as she share her part of story, she also withdraws from conversation, to play monopoly online, to check all the notifications, to browse 4+ apps, with a lot of diligence. Econometrics, matrices, math boot camps, flash runs on the opposite sides are some constants we have to deal with, when we have to deal with Epsa. Sweet, positive 21 year old girl is all set to celebrate her birth week, mentioning the time zones and how one can celebrate depending on the times of India, Geneve and what not. Good for her. 

Adhira, Anjali & Gayatri managed to cook Kheer for her. Epsa's birthday special dish. Also they got a cake and surprised her. Sanket and Prathit joined the party and lit up the mood and momentum with nice groovy music. Happy birthday Epsa! 

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