Monday, September 25, 2023

Geneve Journals- Meet the Chance by Chance

8 degrees Celsius, I was wondering how I should prep up for this run in cold weather. I put on a jacket and began to run. I could see my breath in cold. My hands needed much warmth. Without rushing, I took my own time to warm up and continued my run. Crossed the chapel, sunflower fields, stopped for a while to have the sight of spacious fields and went down across the fields. Following the narrow path, I reached fortaille, the stop where bus no. 20 and 59 stops. I crossed the road and began to run to the place where there are trees in dense. An old lady was waiting for her dog to walk but, the dog is busy sniffing around. I was checking for a path to move ahead but, couldn't find. The old lady raised her hand and pointed out to a direction, signalling that's the way. Merci I replied to the wordless help and found this path. This path took me to the trail where I could see little creeks and wooden stumps across. The temperature is down by 1 degree and as I moved more to the left, I could see huge machine working at the construction field and right across the forest is the railway track where trains are whizzing at crazy speeds. 

I chose the middle path and began to run. From behind came a golden retriever running happily. For a moment I thought, it's chasing me but, I ran past me and looked behind for his Miss. The Miss is holding flowers in her hand and kept running. Again the dog runs forward and then backward towards miss. With these errands, I slowed down a bit to give the dog it's space. 

What's his name? I asked. Chance. He's very excited, the lady with flowers replied. Good day for Chance. I continued my run and spotted two walkers in forest with three dogs sharing a conversation. Soon after I ran out of it, I could spot 3 old ladies with 4 dogs. Trying to focus on the breathe, I trudged uphill and reached home after a not so long run. Good day. 

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