Thursday, September 14, 2023

Geneve Journals- Evening Run

 These days, I'm just waiting for a sunny day to go outdoors whenever possible. Enjoy the bright sun as long as it stays. I went out and began to run down hill and realised that my neck is wobbling on it's own as I run downhill.

 I need to figure out how people run downhill. As I reach the flat ground, there's great enthusiasm in me to run fast. Looking at the water flowing and running along it so calming. It's interesting how living so close to water is healing and helping me in many ways. 

After reaching Band De Paqui, I wished to get into the water. Water is irresistable. However, I managed to take a round about and run uphill. As I began to run uphill, I could see two friends who sat at the bench were so involved in the conversations. There was one elderly person who was sitting alone on the tree stump. Head bent low, his face was covered by the cap. He didn't seem happy. I wonder how this country fights loneliness. 

I was observing all these people while doing my own job-running. Rather than strength, I needed more motivation to run uphill. Listening to percussion music and 8 beat rhythm, I was on my toes trying to enjoy my run. 

Didn't bother about time or distance, I returned to my home and had a hot shower. Great day. 

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