Sunday, September 10, 2023

Geneve Writers Meet- Scribbles Workshop

I was looking for some writing huddles and I stumbled upon this lovely workshop by Sarah Tinsley. Hosted at Pages & Sips, a lovely cafe in the old town of Geneva. I walked into the cafe, searching for the group. In a group of 4, sat Sarah and other participants. Without sharing our names, we shared our stories and jumped into the writing scenes. Sarah gave a prompt to categorise the words by Above soil, Air & Under ground. The task was to write the words that flashes in mind without overthinking. 

I got some 15 odd words. After that, she shared some of her writing experiences, along with travel stories. With 15 minutes in hand, she asked to write freely without overthinking and use the words that we've categorised. I just went ahead and wrote a piece. In between, I wrote some poetry and it just flowed. 

All of us discussed our projects, storylines. Sarah gave us some tips on how to organise our writings. Indexing, following Julia Cameron's exercises, and some other tips. 

One of them from the group shared her dream of writing biography of her grandmother. Her grandmother and mother lived in India. Her mother lived and studied in India for 19 years. Her mother lost her father when she was 4. A few characteristics of the story, I was already interested in the story. 

She also has the first line of her, "Common girls, it's late, the train is not going to wait for us." The scene when her grandmother is taking her mother to Shimla, the boarding school. 

Others shared how they wrote their works and finished in non-linear way. Interesting ways to write. I feel there's no one way to write. The way you write is the way you do it. Thanks Sarah for the huddle. Looking forward to catch up more on this. 

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