Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Geneva Journals- The Running Clouds

 It's gonna be cold. That's what I told myself and began my run. Exploring the city through different lanes, I took a left turn from the church and began to run on the pave way. Many a times, I have the whole pavement for myself but, at times, there are people to whom I'd be giving the way. Running down hill was no fun, as the idea of running uphill at the end was always in the back of mind. As long as I was running downhill, I kept wondering how low can I go. At one point, I noticed the flat land and continued to run and there I could see the running clouds. The clouds mobbed the mountains and for the first time, I could see huge construction site at Geneve. Looks like some International Organisation's construction. As I continued to run along the running clouds, a little uphill piqued my interest.  As I went ahead, I realised that I walked into cemetry. 

Through out the run, different trees in different shapes are very aesthetic. Enjoyed the sights and scenes of poetree.  

I'm amused by the way they have the grave designed. There's space for growing plants. A hope for life at the place of death. A few had huge sculptures placed near the graves. Guardian angels I guess. A few got birds on their grave, a few more plants and I haven't noticed any interesting epithet. Will check it out again. As I finished my detour, I got ready for my uphill run and took my own sweet time, panting, stopping, running uphill home. Good day. 

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