Monday, September 11, 2023

Annecy Day- Before Sunset

After sleeping late, I woke up with call of Advaitha and headed to Cornavin. On a sunny day, we walked down breaking the ice and got to know a bit about each other. We headed to the bus where a gentleman was ready to speak English when he realised that we're struggling to communicate. We confirmed and got into the bus. Both of us found window seats for each other and managed to rest a bit. Just before the bus was about to start, came Ray, who introduced himself as irish citizen but from Calcutta. Sat right infront of me and pitched well about why people chose ireland. At Geneva, the only free thing, one would get is drinkable water. In contrast to that, Ray bought a bottle of water for 2.5 Francs. I wonder how he didn't realise that the water is drinkable at most of the places. 

In span of 40 minutes, we arrived at Annecy, a small town in France. I wondered what it has for me to explore. As I joined the crowd, I walked the lanes and kept rounding here and other. 

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