Monday, September 25, 2023

Geneva Journals- The Path

I dread to do any outdoor activity individually but, I'm trying to become regular at running here. The only motivation to run here is the nature. I get a chance to explore different places in Geneva. Through runs, I spotted a corn field, sunflower field, cemetry, forest trail, deserted roads, hill tops. Uphill runs are challenging yet fun. Everytime I run uphill, I push myself hard to move forward. 

I did the contrary today. I decided to walk at my leisure rather than run or hustle. On an evening, while the sun is behind the mountains and tinged the cotton candy hues to the clouds, I walked out and enjoyed the calm roads. Hardly there are vehicles and the little traffic I notice, is on the footpath where two youngsters are running together, an old couple is walking together sharing a conversation. 

Birds chirps became louder and consistent. I walked ahead and reached the sunflower field. On the east, there's Moon rise and at west, the orange hues. I continued my walk in chilly cold evening. I went to my place and took my time to enjoy the sights. What a blessing to stay close to nature. Further, I went along and returned humming my favourites. Got reminded of Uttarkashi clouds and I got scared for a moment that, my normal evening walk could be a treasure I should hold onto as, there's world with noise and chaos. 

I need to learn to appreciate both the worlds I guess. 

On my return walk, I spent some time at the chapel and returned home with a lot of enthusiasm. Being outdoors definitely gave some boost to navigate through the day. 

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