Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Travel Tales- Bhuj

 A day before the trip, I called Azhar if we have any itinerary regarding Bhuj trip. "Yes," he replied in a diplomatic tone, he ever uses. Unplanned journeys are fun but, not when we got to balance the work a bit also. I was skeptical of the trip. Like I thought, we began our journey carrying my laptop, opening up at all the places, to edit the documents and share with others. 

Cautious of train journeys in winter, I carried a blanket and I got saved. I had a good sleep in the train. Before arriving to Bhuj, the train halted and we strolled around while Azhar and Pushp had chai.

We were about to begin our journey in Bhuj, I had an urgent work to attend. Azhar and Pushp were kind enough to let me work while they waited and checked out what we can do around Bhuj. An hour later, we headed to bus stand wondering if we had to stay in Bhuj or move to Mandvi, a coastal place in Gujarat. 

"Don't stay in Mandvi. There's nothing. Stay in Bhuj," were many suggestions we got from all the auto drivers and bystanders. We were determined to spend the night at beach. We headed to Mandvi. 

I missed observing the sceneries as I was glued to my laptop all the way. Azhar had a great day watching the windmills ands little ponds. 

Unsure of the stay, we checked our luck by walking into a guest house. The landlord was busy, painting the walls. He showed us the room and asked us to decide. We wanted to stay on the beach at some resort. The owner even suggested other resorts and gave out the phone numbers to contact. As every resort was full, we decided upon the first guest house we checked in. The rukmavati guest house. 

Spacious architecture. Cozy place. We checked in and rushed to beach. 

Walking in the lanes of Mandvi, we discovered these wooden ships being built. Through the narrow lanes, we walked, searching for Noorani hotel to hog on. A suggestion by a localite, whom we asked on the road. We didn't rely much on google for the suggestions. 

Tasty chicken, tiny rotis, we hogged and headed to the beach. 

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