Tuesday, January 19, 2021

TED Talk- How Creative Writing can help you through life's hardest moments.

Whenever I'm overwhelmed by an emotion, I do not attempt to express it through words. Nor do I record it in any form. Any expression would undermine the experience, I tell myself and do not write. Regarding the  hardest moments in my life, I chose to forget, perish those memories from my life. I chose not to write. On contrary, I think a lot about them as I keep repressing the thoughts and memories. 

In this talk, Sakinah talks about how we can use creative writing to help us through life's hardest moments. 

She suggested to write three things. 


2. Order of Events

3. How it made us feel

She even gave a few suggestions. "You don't need to panic about how to write. Every story has a beginning, middle, ending. Follow the same for your writing."

She even shared her writing about what she felt of an incident following these three aspects. I enjoyed the powerful recitation of her writing. 

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