Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Stories from Sirohi- The Board Dilemma

The Board Dilemma.

With the new change in Education policy, I was glad to see the devil of 10+2 leaving, but, I tell myself, it’s just the change of number.

8th the board. Do not touch them. Do not experiment with them, they have the board. They need to pass by any chance. Simply pass them out of the bucket.

Given the classes, the fear is passed to the children as well. 7th class is seen as one more year from board, 6th class is seen as 2 more years, there’s a relaxed time.

Do we need to work along just for the board?

what’s in the board that’s not covered along throughout all the classes.

Learning outcomes comes in a flow, the learning outcomes are no way special in 8th class.

The fear or the opinion of the class is shown in the teaching plans, the pedagogy and in most of the behavior that’s shown with the classes.

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