Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Mail from Mandwa- A match after a long time

During our first months of the fellowship, we used to play cricket in the little time we got before the assembly. Children always encouraged us to get into the ground and play with them. Even though we took away the chances of their turn in batting and bowling, they heartily welcome us. 

After a long time, soon after school, we began playing cricket. This time, Amol joined us. We played an single-over match. Everyone got a turn to bat and bowl. I got reminded of the times, I played with class 8 students. 

Despite playing every Sunday at school ground, I never recollected the sports period memories. Sunday matches didn't count as school matches. Today, soon after school, Satvir got the wickets, I got the bat and we began playing. Good times. 

Also, I have a change of role in my work. I'm back to school. Good to be back at school.

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