Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Poem- Warm wishes on The Wordless Conversation

Poetry is not everyone's cup of tea.  This is a warmth response I ever got on the book I wrote, including all the titles of the poems I've written. Thanks reader for reading my book, also for writing this piece. 

Hi. Hope lockdown is treating you fine


You are staying safe & hydrated.

*May be. Or may be not.*

Am not sure. But I do hope.

Truly, speech can go only so far.

But to brighten someone's day,

with just a smile,

Unknown of what they are going through...

A *wordless conversation* is worth it indeed.😊

Kahin suna hai,

"Ae bheed , tu itni khamosh kyon hai?

Sannate se seekh, cheekhna kise kehte hain!" 
The scream of silence ....

warns us to *beware of silence*,

surely, for we might get to hear those

realities of and about ourselves,

which we don't want to hear

or have been running away from.

Truly. How much more common,

can violence being romanticized and

expectations being fed, get?

Wish, one could really unveil the love and it's hostile truth,

with the help of *St.Valentine*. Or without.



"He already crossed the side and faded out of my sight."

Can't be undone, I agree.

But sometime when *Life* makes one feel his presence

not anywhere but within,

and when one asks, "After all this time?",

hope he'd answer, "Always."

Getting to know, *Know* , was interesting and funny.

More than anything, I believe,

nature makes one feel alive.

*Petrichor* is one of those life

enriching experiences irrespective of age.

One can find oneself too, in my opinion, besides god.

Retrieves faith, doesn't it?

I knew it's always good to have multiple perspectives.

But *Deprived of the sea* couldn't have made it clearer.

For, now I know it's important too along with being good,

to have multiple perspectives.


It's also about empathy.

"For the world will never end

But there seemed to be a human end."

Can't agree more. However, humans like you,

with art being the essence of their deeds may live on.

Shall live on. Through their art. *There's no end*, to artists. 

Unlike other poems I have read so far,

I could relate to many of them.

May be due to the way I interpreted them. 

It was a happy read.

Good day. Stay safe. 😊

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