Sunday, January 3, 2021

Friends- New Year Delight

2009. “All the best,” I told her, wishing the best in her life overwhelmed by the friendship we had over a year.

We bid farewell to our school seniors at Camford English High School. Of all those seniors, I missed her a lot. Rahila Wafa. 

In the year 2008, I joined in 9th, Rahila was in class 10th. Both of us felt like newcomers to the school. Over the year, we strike a conversation and appreciated each other’s presence, more than any other friends' in school.

2021. After twelve years of long gap, we got connected (thanks, social media). 

In 2009, Rahila finished school and I left the school for Hyderabad. Different destinations, we had different journeys. We couldn’t find a way to stay connected. In the month of March 2009, both of us filled each other’s slam books. We wrote messages for each other wishing for a bright future.

Hope gleams in midst of mundane life just like the streaks of lights amidst the clouds

Sharing each other’s plans, Rahila said, she would be leaving India sometime soon then.

Over these twelve years, I recalled her a lot of times wishing I meet her again, at someplace, at some time.  The only place, I visit to cherish the only memories that were left were the messages in the slam book.  Going through the slam book, reading the words Rahila wrote, I always wondered, if she’d recall our friendship, remember me. I was not sure If I’d meet her again then.

It was the same with Rahila, she shared how she cherished our friendship, remembering whenever she went through slams now and then.

“Abi, at first I was not sure but, as I went through your feed, I was sure that’s you,” Rahila shared how she discovered me.

We are talking after 12 years, yet it doesn’t feel like so. We shared what all happened soon after we left the school till what we are currently working on. Rahila is married and blessed with a baby.  “My supportive hubby encouraged me to pursue what I'm interested in," she shared about her happy family. God bless the whole family. 

I’m active on Instagram only on weekends. She followed me three days ago. Unaware of all of this, I logged in today and was surprised to see the name, 'Rahila's corner.' Went through the feed, wishing she's the friend, whom I saw 12 years ago. I texted her and Hurray, I got connected to Rahila after several years and it made my day. Great beginnings to 2021. 




  1. Oh abhi this is beautiful.. and I must say great beginnings to 2021!
    I'm happy we found each other back it's beautiful how! Thanks to social media.

  2. Very positive! May good things come your way.


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