Saturday, January 9, 2021

Memories- Diaries & dialogue


"Diaries. We should write daily in diaries," I suggested Azhar. 

"Yes. We should!," shared Azhar, "my dad used to write a diary and it's nice to read it now."

Azhar began sharing about his dad, with a laugh on his face recollecting the happy memories. "Mere Papa bahut likthe the. He even used to write matches and schedules. 2003. World Cup. What happened in the final."

Azhar lost his father in August 2003 due to health reasons. "What's your relation with your dad," I asked. 

"I'm the youngest of all. I'm the most pampered child, I believe." Azhar shared about his childhood. 

When I was small, I remember my Dad getting sweets every day. He is a teacher, well respected in the whole village. He's the most punctual person.  

A sharif and simple person, he never talked to anyone in a high voice. He greets everyone. I remember him getting either sweets or fruits to home every single day.

Azhar showed me his father's diary. "Went to school. Attended the meeting. India played Newzeland. Score...." It's heartening to read his diary imagining him write this every day. 

"Mere Papa, english mei Likthe the. Sometimes, I find spelling mistakes as well. He is a learner. He's the updated person I knew during my childhood," reminsced Azhar. 

Talking about letters, Azhar shared the three letters he wrote to different readers at different instances. Thinking of diaries, both of us headed to book stall and bought two dairies. A good way to start the year. 

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