Friday, January 22, 2021

Travel tales- Rann Utsav

I neither heard much about Rann Utsav nor wanted to know about it. Couple of times, I saw Amitabh sir promoting Gujarat tourism. On an unplanned trip, I visited Bhuj and later Rann of Kutch. Azhar, Pushp and I reached Rann of Kutch at evening. We managed to get into the place when it was all dark. By the time, we left, it was all dark. 

We couldn't differentiate between what's white desert and what's normal land. We went till the end, reaching the huge iron maze structure. On our way, were the lights and trail of amazing architecture. We entered the white desert and walked into it enjoying the night. There were few people who were dismantling their carts and unbuckled the camels of the cart. There were very less people on the ground. Everything seemed salty. Once sea, now a desert. A different one from the desert I've seen in Jaisalmer. Walking on the desert, I enjoyed it. We called it a day. We took a break when we were returning. We were in our spaces, enjoying the solitude and the silence we had over the place. 

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