Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Travel Tales- Mandvi Beach

 The last time, I visited beach was in the year 2018. I wanted a beach filled with less crowd. Just like how I wanted, Mandvi beach was with less crowd with more camels, horses and ATVs.

Camel ride at the beach seemed exotic. Pushp and I got onto the camel and enjoyed the ride. The sight of the sea from camel's height was different. I enjoyed to ride on the camel. Camel walks in a rhythm. I sat along, letting my body sync in it's rhythm. Azhar found a shade and dozed off on the shore. I joined him, working remote. 

An hour later, while Azhar and Pushp were into the sea enjoying the sunset, I was on the shore, working remote. I was there, at the sea but, was concentrating on the work. The sun was setting into the sea, I was listening to the discussions. I couldn't stop myself from walking into the sea. I walked to touch the waves. Put off my headphones for a while, witnessed the sun setting in, switching off the sky into dimness. 

I could discover the value of being present in the moments. I found it futile to be at multiple places. It's futile to multi task simultaneously. 

Soon after the sun was set, I walked along the shore, attending the work. Azhar and Pushp were put up with me. They let me work while they spent time in the sea. As the darkness seeped in, cold winds blew, the sand got cold. The little crowd I found disappeared. Camels & horses returned to their stalls. There were three to four huddles enjoying their time at the sea. We crashed into their huddles and broke the ice. At one huddle, there was a photo shoot. The photographers offered chewing gum and we had a little talk. Another huddle, we hung out with doctors-in-their-residency. Pushp had great time discussing similar interests with the doctors. They shared their smokes with us. We hung out with them for long time, listening to music. The sea waves in the background set a soothing rhythm. We listened to Atif, A.R.Rahman and many more inspiring musicians. We collected the little wood we found on the beach and continued the bon fire. We stayed with them until they left the beach. 

We crashed into the last huddle, a gang full of boys with guitars and cajon. Under the moon light, we couldn't see each other but sang out loud, laughing, enjoying the classical songs. Revving the mood, the gang sang the Gujarati songs. Enjoyed it. It was a lovely night. 

We spent the next hour, laughing out loud with them, cracking silly jokes and posing silliest puzzles. Good time. 

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