Friday, January 15, 2021

Stories from Sirohi- Development

 Too far from the town, the Government school Balwantgarh is located next to the highway. We engaged with the school team till late afternoon and headed to the office. We reached the town with starved stomachs. "What shall we have?" I asked Dyu. Too small to have a lot of options, I got disappointed on the place we live in, Sirohi. In the past, we could have a mutton biryani, tandoori, kababs, cream stone ice cream, what not! Zomato, swiggy, and a lot more to deliver us in time. What can fill our stomachs? I craved for a heavy lunch. Dyu suggested burger, the only shop that sells burgers. "When will Sirohi get developed?" I asked, having the burger ( not really a burdger, a bun cut in the middle and filled with a few cooked noodles.)

"It'll take time," Dyu suggested. We had two burgers and pizza.  "Kitna hua?" I asked. 

"Ek sau bees." the seller replied. 

"Still do you need development that could cost us a bomb for what we ate?" Dyu teased me. That's when I felt grateful to live in Sirohi, a decent town for an economic living. A town that caters our needs but, can't satisfy our craving wants and desires. 

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