Friday, January 5, 2024

Music- Sharing and Suggestions

To have people who love and appreciate art in your friend's circle is a blessing. I have friends who got different tastes in music. We love to catch up, just to listen and discuss them. My friends' music taste is changing and so are my friends. I'm meeting a lot of new people who got varied taste in music. To share and enjoy music is one task, I immensely enjoy. 

Thinking of music and sharing a song I recently heard with a new friend, I recollected friends who used to share song suggestions whenever they discover some gems. 13 years ago, S used to share a lot of songs with me over messages. "Turning Page by Sleeping At last Listent to this."

I'd google it, listen to it, download the song and then talk about the song with S. I went through the conversations and was heartened to see the song suggestions and listened to all of them again. The cherry on the cake is that, I started my day with the song, Anuraaga Vilochananaayi randomly, a song suggested by S, a decade ago. Glad to walk through the memory lane after a long time. 

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