Sunday, January 21, 2024

Geneva Journals- The Trio's long Walk

 Last year, on January 15, I was at home applying for ihied and stressing on the payment and deadlines. Flashforward to this year, I'm in Geneva. A lot happens in a year. Being grateful about it, I wished to celebrate this day. Also, it happened to be pongal. I invited Luana, Shivam, Ann to celebrate this day. Ann got stuck in work and there at GM, Luana, Shivam and I were celebrating pongal by relishing on pongal, mango pickle, banana chips and some other side dishes. Over the conversations on mangoes, rubber plantations and some other stories, we finished the lunch. After a long time, we were welcomed by Sun for a while. 

As i suggested for a long walk, being nice guests, Luana and Shivam agreed and walked with me to Sunflower field. Picking on the snow fights and appreciating the poetics of leafless trees, we walked till the sunflower field. Though, it's an empty field, I always call it a sunflower field as I first saw it as sunflower field. 

We walked past the field, having Shivam in between Luana and myself, hitting each other with snow. Strolling across the field, we walked to another snowy field with a beautiful sunrise point. Having Shivam as the silent listener, Luana and I talked incessantly and decided to walk across the creeks. Over the walks, the snow fights continued and captured the visuals of a few poetree and leafless trees. 

We walked past two cute dogs, one named, Yaiki and other dog with a blue nose. During the last leg of the walk, we played counting colours game where we had to spot the artefacts with the colour that's suggested by one of them. It was almost a 6 km walk. I wonder if Luana and Shivam ever show up with me for a walk. 

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