Sunday, January 14, 2024

Geneva Journals- Day14

It's so nice to have holidays after such a long time. The last time I had this stretch of holidays was during college. I do not remember how I used to spend holidays. These days, I'm trying to spend most of the time in bed and rest of the day goes into painting, writing and cooking. Today, I woke up at 11.24 am and managed to start the day. I've realised that as I begin my day,  I'm unable to stretch myself and go out for a walk due to cold. A to and fro walk in the little room I got, I started my day with songs, and breakfast. As soon as it's already past 12, I meditated for a while and began to paint. As an artist, how much time do I spend for myself and my art? How do I see my art? How do I let my art communicate with me? Delving in these questions and ideas, I continued to work on my art, caught up on few calls and began to write for a while. 

Before the days got darkened, the sky turned dark blue. I was there for a while witnessing the dark blue sky and humming my favourite songs. Lovely evening to witness the skies. An evening into writing and early dinner. Day well spent. 

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