Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Geneva Journals- The Dinner Table Conversations

Ever since we got winter break, S became a regular kitchen companion, sharing stories and food. He walked into the room sharing what he's been upto. Over stories, we walked over Geneva to check out light festival. The play of light, sound through different mediums was intriguing. I was thrilled to see the possibility of developing aesthetic sense and public interaction through public spaces. 

Over a walk, we walked into Al-Amir and had a shawarma. Thanks S for walking along and treating me with good food. We treated ourselves with Baklawa to sweeten the dinner and reached home to cook chole. Over some science facts and stories, we cooked chole, rice and discussed what move us. Both of us agreed on 'stories.' Stories brings us together and stories create us. 

Abstract Sky

I feel contended. Good day. 

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