Sunday, January 28, 2024

Geneva Journals- The Little Help

I attended a french concert and listening to a lot of french, I was trying to guess what people are mentioning about. At the end of the musician's speech one of the audience shouted,  "Happy Birthday." Being confident of hearing an English speaker I reached out to her and asked,  Whose birthday is it? She tried sharing me the history of the orchestra.  How the orchestra began 25 years ago and collaborated with electronic and different aesthetics of music and have been exploring since long time. So happy birthday to orchestra and many more to come. As I was bit confused on how to go to the next venue, she helped me with the directions. Later, as I walked out of the concert, I got greeted by her with a warm smile. In a strange land, when you're on your own figuring out the place and people, such warmth reception gives us assurance that we're safe. Grateful for the little help. 

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