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Geneva Journals- Nuit Electro Acoustique

When I found out about a night full of electro acoustic performances from 7PM to 4 AM. I was excited and went ahead to check it out and reached the 6 Roofs- The Laboratory of living arts. 

Zeynep Toraman's composition

As I walked in, got my ticket, a stamp on the wrist and reached into a dark room.  Musicians were behind the screen performing the piece composed by Zeynep Toraman. A lot of abstract visuals were played out infront of them. I noticed that none of them were recording it on their phone. They seemed to be attentive to the experience rather than rushing to make it as a memory. I was the only one trying to record a moment here and there. It was a melancholic ecstatic performance. 

The Solo Cellist

Halim El Dabh's session

After that performance, I walked to Athanor, to witness the performance of 4 cellist. Surrounded by 4 cellist on 4 sides, we sat around them and witnessed the performance. It was thunderous and therepeautic. I noticed that the average age group of attendees are 40. There are some outliers in the group like me and few other people. 

Raed Yassin's Disco
There were 3 other music installations under 3 different roofs. Halim El Dabh's compositions on vinyl record was being played out in the room with room full of summer/beach chairs. It got reminded me of equinox performance I attended in the month of september. 

Wassim Halal with his ensemble

Another two installations consisted of video with a lot of abstract visuals. Raed Yasin's installation consisted of several videos with one narrative. Narrative of artist's memories and his past. Soon after checking out the installations, we were ready for another live performance. While waiting for the performance, got a chance to catch up with one of the audience who's enthusiastic of art and culture. Stories were exchanged and we discussed our first year experience of Geneva. 

Thriller Performance

Concert by Wassim Halal along with music ensemble consisted of Harp, flute, violin, Darbuka, Japanese drums, percussion and a lot of electro synthesizers. This performance has pushed my imagination of rhythm and scale. Rhythm is dependent on time. In a stretch of 40 minute performance, a few snippets seemed noise but in a larger canvas, everything was rhythmic and had a melody. Witnessing this electro acoustic performance has stretched my imagination and perception of sound, music & noise. Glad I attended this. 

Checked in at the multiple venues

With 20 minute break, there was a repeat show of the same set. I couldn't stop myself from attending this. I took my front seat and waited to witness the magic trying to immerse myself and be as attentive as possible. 

Soon after the performance, I got a chance to catch up with a french speaking person who translated the words of Wassim and shared a bit about music ensemble, and about the music being played. She also helped me in moving to the other venue. 

Along with other participants we moved to Cave 12, a 20 minute walk from the first venue. It's a dingy warm cellar with a lot of bass and DJ sets. Right at 12:45 am, the musicians walked in with their bass, clarinet, horn and other instruments. Good evening Geneva, said the DJ at 1 am. The evening seemed to be started just now. 

I could imagine these musicians learning the instrument in a traditional classic way. The sound I hear is a challenge to the conditioning of the sounds we hear from these instruments. Very interesting experience. 

I was surprised to see the veterans and 40 year old of various genders partying all night. I didn't expect this age group to be this active at this hour. After spending an hour, I couldn't stay awake till 4 am and walked out of the venue, thrilled by this new immersive experience. 

The last set of the night,morning?

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