Thursday, January 25, 2024

Soliloquies- Technology Hygiene

Just like health hygiene, there could be technology hygiene for well being. There are a lot of hard and fast tips out there but, we can be aware of what we are badly affected with and follow what suits us rather than try following hard and fast tips. A few basic technology hygiene stuff I practice:

1) Turn the screen grayscale. I'm very much affected by the digital colours on phone. With one toggle, I can turn the phone screen grayscale to colour. So, the default mode of my phone is grayscale and whenever I want to click pictures or use financial applications. 

2) In and Out Home Screen: I have only few apps on my home screen where I use them for functional purposes and get out of the apps afte use. Like Maps, Recorder, Notes and a few other essential apps I presume(Music player). I avoid app which has the function of browsing through and surfing through (photo galleries, browser, social media apps etc..)

3) Turn off Notifications: I do not have notifications for any social media ,mail & messenger apps. The only notifications are of finanical apps and normal messaging app. 

4)Black Background: Any shift in this makes me go crazy. It's been 6 years and my background is still the same. 

5)Single Ringtone: It's been more than 14 years since I hadn't changed my ringtone. Pray for me brother by A R Rahman has been my ringtone for more than a decade. Just to distinct the personal and professional calls, I've added another tune- Antonia Vivaldi Primavera. Haven't changed it since 6 years. 

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