Sunday, January 7, 2024

Geneva Journals- The Circus Noel

Argha invited me to catch up at Plainpalais for the fair. Both of us headed from our place and caught up with Luana, Ann, Shivam, Pratha & Ashish. All of us walked across the fair watching the glowy lights and childrens' smiles. I got reminded of the last time I went to such place with Srikanth in Jaipur. 

Strolling amidst the crowd, all of them decided to try some of the rides. All of us got onto the pendulum ride while Pratha waited for us from outside. I was not keen to get onto it but, later I decided to jump on risking my heart. Riding high and swinging up, I could only hum the song I've been listening to for days. I got reminded of A.R's birthday and hummed a bit of his tunes as well. Celebrating Rahman's birthday at peaks!

Later, we got onto bumper car, bumping to the other cars while doing head bangs to spanish and brazillian music. Spotted few lads, father-daughter duo and friends beaming with smiles to let go of themselves and play around. Fun stuff. 

With few minutes break, florida's music dragged us to another ride. Shivam and I spent the ride reciting our favourite shayari. A few of my favorite are- I stroll in your city of love. 

"Tumhari pyaar se guzar jaaye, isme raza kya hai
  Tu ek shyaam yu baatle, usme guna kya hai"

After headspinning words and ride, we walked around and called it a day. Fun day. 

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