Sunday, January 21, 2024

Movie- Three of Us

 Shailaja, at the onset of her dementia wishes to visit a city or town, in which she studied for 4 years. Along with her husband, she visits this small town and relives the old memories and catch up with her childhood love, Pradeep and gets a closure after 28 years. With the constant sounds of sea in the background, shailaja reveals her life in depth- the death of her sister, movement in life, the tension between the couple. I got reminded of the documentary- A man with seven second memory. After every seven seconds, he forgets whatever he remembers. He constantly tells himself that he's alive. Nevertheless he remembers the music composition he wrote and composed decades ago. 

What do we keep alive, thanks to our unforgetfulness?

What do we wish to forget but our bodies remember?

A good movie to contemplate on memories and forgetfulness and the life that happens in between the dichotomy. 

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