Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Geneva Journals- Welcoming 2024

I was not planning anything particular for 2024 and managed to remain indoors and was writing letters to the lovedones wishing them a prosperous new year,  until Argha invited me for a potluck. I joined Shivam, Prathit, Argha, Rayana and began to reflect on 2023 while having delicious dinner and brownies. 

I began to reflect 2023 in months and shared how happy and grateful I'm for all that was happening in my life. Others continued to share their reflections of 2023 in months. After the dinner, we began to head towards the lake to witness the fireworks. Ann, Amrutha joined us. All of us headed to the lake after several stints at various bus stops. Gangs and groups reminds me of the friends and the friends I lost. 2023 has been all about grief and gratitude. In split seconds, my brain gets disassociated with present moment and wavers into past, present throwing up different emotions. I hum, count colours and find a rhythm to regulate myself. 

Over the banter, we reached the Geneva plage. The canton hosted two stages, one with live band and other with DJ set up, lined up with a lot of food stalls. We got into the crowd and began to enjoy the music. Eventually we lost Argha, Prathit, Rayana in the crowd. We welcomed 2024 with music and fireworks. Fireworks reminded me of Philip Pulman's book- The Firework-Maker's Daughter. How I always perceived fireworks to Deepavali but, every country has their occasions and purposes to bring light amidst the darkness. After a band full of trumpet, trombone, french horn and drums entertained us with their music, spanish band walked in and brought rhythm into 2024 with their brilliant band. After an hour, all of us called it a day and planned to head home. After wandering a bit, we got onto the buses and headed to our own destinations. Ann to Cite, Shivam to vernier, Amrutha and I to GM.

Last year, I was at home and attended church on new year's eve. I never imagined that I'd be in Geneva celebrating new year's eve witnessing the fireworks. The way life is unfolding in it's own ways is itself a calling for me to surrender and see what 2024 has it for me.

2024. Looking forward to it. 

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