Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Geneva Journals- Mireille- The Opera

I've attended my first ever french opera show in Geneva. A 3 hour musical show in the grand Victoria Hall. As I collected my ticket from the counter and walked to the gallery, I was escorted to my seat. Caught up with a data scientist who spent 2 years in Geneva and said, 'it was not easy to settle in' when I asked his first year Geneva experience. Wondering how everyone finds their way to settle in a new place. 

As the show started, the musicians were in place and the conductor swayed his hands- the start of the show. With Van gogh's paintings as background and subtitles in french and English, the actors played a brilliant show. I watched the show for 2 hours without a break. The actors managed to pull of the show with such intensity that I never felt it's too long. I loved the music and the transitions with a lot of chorus in between. I loved the attire of all the actors, musicians as well. Had a lovely time at Victoria Hall. Would love to catch up at more musical events in 2024. A great way to begin 2024. 

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