Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Geneva Journals- Snow and Sunflower Field

After a week break, I'm back and walked out of room witnessing the snow. After a two hour class, it was snowing heavily. I quickly went home, had lunch and went for a walk. 

To see the snow falling and melting. I noticed that everything was covered with snow. Leaves, trees. I held the snow and began to make shapes. I was interested to create a maze and structure rather than round balls of snow. Machine Drawing effects. Thanks Shivraj sir for influencing so much with machine drawing. 

As I saw the same landscape with snow all over, it was refreshing how places and people are resilient to all forms of nature. 

I went and looked at the sprawling land and heard the flights. I wonder how does pilots fly during a snowy day. 

I returned home watching the leafless trees filled with snow. It's aesthetic and poetic. The leaves seems to have shrouds filled by snow. Every leaf that has died falling from the tree has a shroud of snow, ready to put it in the place where it came from- Earth. 

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