Tuesday, December 12, 2023

2023- 2023 in Months

As 2023 is paving way for 2024, let me see how 2023 flashed by in months. 

January- Swathi got engaged, Dyu got married. Attended HLF and caught up with harry & Jerry Pinto

February- Visited Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and spent in my favourite (Kalaburagi) campus for one last time for the year

March- Returned to Rajasthan, got admitted to Geneva Institute, caught up with Malavika

April- Visited Uttarakhand, Bangalore and returned to Jaipur.

May- Attended Azhar bhai's wedding. Spent the re
st of the month in Bangalore. Colourless got launched. Caught up with Vaishnavi, Priayatama, Rakesh, Rajneesh, Arddhendu, Sonia

June- Went on a long drive from Delhi to Hyderabad, caught up with Prudhvi, Jaya and all other friends.

July- Colourless art exhibition got hosted in Jaipur. Returned to Kadapa. 

August- Met Dyu, left for Geneva

September- Visited Annecy. Explored Geneva

October - Met A.R.Rahman. Hosted Empty Spaces- Mayanadhi exhibition in Geneva

November - Went on a 5 hour walk in Geneva. Swathi got married. Bala got engaged. 

December - Spent most of the time reading books and prioritised my health,  caught up with old & new friends

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