Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Thoughts- What's in a name?

Most of the times, when I catch up with people whom I met once or twice in a heartful manner, I speak with a lot of familiarity, when I meet them again, as I remember a lot of details from our previous meets. The others struggle to recollect the details. Sometimes people get intimidated when I share with the details of dates, names and places from the past. Catching up with such one acquaintance, at first he got intimidated by such recollection. As we continued our co
nversation, I asked the meaning of his name. Freedom, he replied. Curious to know the story behind we continued our conversation. Later, we brainstormed on ideas like, if we have to name ourselves by verb, what would we name us?

It's interesting to name ourselves by verbs, adverbs rather than living upto our names, which may be the definition of us put by our parents. How much do we try to live by our parent's definition of us and how much do we try to define ourselves through the help of all the people we have in our life?

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