Friday, December 22, 2023

Geneva Journals- La Farce Haul

This time, I walked till the Nations and got onto the tram. I was the only person on the tram as it was the first station. Soon it got filled with people. I was lost reading the book, What my bones knew. I walked across and strolled to the bibliotechque. Talking about soundscapes to a friend, I began to notice the soundscapes of Geneva. I seemed to be really attuned to a place to listen to it's soundscape. There's very little humdrum in life. There's more space and silence. What does silence speak of? I'm yet to listen. 

I checked out the books and found two interesting titles. One was "What the dead can say" by author unseen and other book, "PRESENT through the END" by Kirsten DeLeo. Author Unseen has got an interesting cover design, title and the mystery of the unknown author. 

Went to Lafarce, picked vegetables, fruits and other dry groceries. Grateful for their service. I also noticed the reader volunteering at different section. A little Lidl errands. Walking through Lidl, I wanted to treat myself with Croissant. Picked a few veggies. I could recollect the times I was lost in the first days. Even now, I struggled to select the Jam, cheese. I stared at the aisle, looking at the options and felt very lost. It's not because of language but, I do not know which to choose. All through out mychildhood, I struggled at it. Choosing the right food for me. I felt bad for myself and walked away staring at the cheese and the jam. 

I went ahead with a tram and continued my journey. A few minutes, a few pages of What my bones knew, I reached my home. GM Student Residence. A good day. 

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