Friday, December 22, 2023

Geneva Journals- The Kitchen and Kachori Stories

Whenever I feel lost, I walk into kitchen and spend time either by reading or writing. Most of the times, I run into my neighbour and other person who hail from the place I lived for long time. 

I learnt a lot of cooking, mostly by conversations with them. This time I learnt the art of roasting vegetables, preparing sauces. 

A few ways to roast the veggies.

Cut them into small and even size, they get roasted easily. How couldn't I apply total surface area concept here?

Keep it colorful. The diversity brings in alot of nutrients. 

Add bit of salt, pepper, a bit of garlic into youghurt. There we have the basic stuff. 

Time to hit the oven and roast some veggies. 

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