Thursday, December 28, 2023

Music in 2023

Spotify Wrapped is sharing a lot of numbers and analysis on what I listened to. But, what about the downloaded songs I listened to and the songs I listen in live and songs I play on other platforms?

Just like Books, movies in 2023, I've decided to write about Music in 2023. 

In the first few months of 2023, living in Rajasthan, folk music has been my regular go-to music. 

Manganyiar Classroom by Roysten Abel's is the first song that flashes as I think of folk music. 

Ponniyan Selvan & Pathu Thala albums were on loop for long time in the beginning of 2023

Mayakkama Kalakkama is one more song that stayed for a long while. 

Spotify says, I played 1804 songs through it's platform in this year. 15930 minutes ~ 11days. Thanks Spotify for letting me know. Listened to 1286 artists, out of which the most I listened to was, A.R.Rahman. 0.05% fans, 3227 minutes together.  Does all these numbers really tell the stories I have for each song?

Again, Spotify rated the top 5 songs for me. 

Matwari- I discovered Samahita in January and ever since I listened to her rendition of Ehi Thaiyya Motiya, I was spell bounded by her mellow voice. 

Yele Ilanchingamey- I discovered this gem latetly. I didn't listen to Cobra album fully when it got released, that's how I missed listening to it. I remember the long flights I spent only listening to this song. 

River Flows in You- Played this song in Colourless Poetry Performance. 

Mayaanadhi- This is another gem I discovered, suggested by a friend. This became the song for my 2nd exhibition. Empty Spaces- Mayanadhi. 

Kanna Varuvaayo- Another song suggestion by another friend. PRI Akhila's rendition of this classic is very impressive. 

Other than these, Hardik Chauhan's compositions, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's songs and western classical music 

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