Saturday, December 16, 2023

Geneva Journals- Merry Christmas

This friday, we had a christmas theme theatre session. This time, Anjali joined along with me. We strolled a bit and caught up with Sebastian, Constance on their studies and university life. 

Nyan walked in and then further, Sabine and Felix. Felix brought us cinnamon rolls. Gathered around the cinnamon rolls, we spoke about how 2023 was for us.

On January 15, I intended to move to Geneva and on December 15, I'm gathering around like minded individuals sharing our stories and the way we look at life. 

Nyan shared how he envision 2024 and his efforts to work through this theatre forum. Further, we worked on the play improved by Sabine, Felix, Sebastian & Constance. Slowly, one by one replaced each character in the play and improvised it well. I had fun playing with Sebastian. Elchin's improv is my favorite. 

Along with these, we had a lot of gifts to share. I received a keychain and a laminated four leaf clover.  Grateful to celebrate christmas early with these friends. At the end of the day, Elchin, Sebastian and I headed out sharing few conversations. 

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