Sunday, December 24, 2023

Geneve Journals- The long walks

I always got amused by the act of walking and movement. Today, I decided to spend time outdoors and walked out of my room. Comfortable clothing, a bottle of water, a few bananas and overloaded thoughts in mind that I'm unable to bear. I was all set for a stroll. I walked down to the lake and spent some time watching ducks, swans and the rippling water. In general, Geneva is quiet near the lake despite the hustle-bustle. We had a few passengers with portable speakers bringing in some rhtyhm and loudness into Geneva's atmosphere. Over a boat ride, I crossed the lake and continued my walk. 

Walking up the hill, I reached Cologny. Overlooking a church built in 1800s, there are some interesting scultpures and fountain structures near by. I continued my walk and reached a cemetry. I tried spotting a century lived graves but I contemplated on what's with the number. How much of life is well lived. Continuing to look through the numbers, I spent some time. After a long break, I continued my walk over the green fields and spacious neighborhoods. I spotted an old man cycling hands free, I spotted a squirrel in big sized statue. I continued my walk and passed through Parc La Grange and went near the  trees where there are swings under the open sky, tied to the trees. Swining is very helpful for brain regulation. I always loved swininging as a child. Though the swing is of low height, I continued to swing and spent some time. Along the lake, I continued walking. Walked till my legs were pleading me to rest. Thoughts were floating by and after a few bottles of water and rest, I feel better. Movement indeed makes life move forward. Good day. 

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