Sunday, December 31, 2023

2023 in Retrospect

I'm still trying to come to terms that 2023 is about to end. The new year ends and beginning never mattered to me the most in the past as well but, this year has helped me to introspect in a deeper way. The more I look at 2023, the more I look at every event, the more I feel it's happening for me, rather than to me. Traveling, meeting people, learning more about myself, grieving for the loss and being grateful for everything has been the journey of 2023.

January: I've decided to stay at home for long time. Given the style of my work, I didn't know how things worked but, I wished to stay at home no matter what and I did. I seemed to move my base location from Jaipur to Hyderabad but, the travel hasn't stopped. In the hustle of traveling, I managed to apply for IHIED. I travelled to Bangalore University for couple of times, caught up with Shubha, Rakesh, Rajneesh and many other friends whom I was bonding with. Swathi was getting engaged. I managed to attend her engagement and fly to Bangalore over night. Dyu and Sneha were getting married. Attended their marriage. Got a chance to spend time with Azhar, Shankar in Mumbai. At the end of the month, I attended Hyderabad Literary fest with Harry, Jaya, Syam, Anjali, Anthony, Karan, Kalpana, Harini and many other friends. Met a speaker at the fest,  who hails from Sathupalli, a place where I studied 1st grade. Attended a ghazal workshop hosted by a young poet. Had a conversation with authors, Harry, Jerry Pinto, Gita Ramaswamy. All through out, was catching up with friends especially Jaya, Bala, Syam, Veda, Sai. 

February: Traveled to Chennai for Dad's health check up. I hardly do any of the travel trips with family these years. Visited beach and museum with mom and Dad. Returned home, stayed for a bit and traveled to Yadgir and Gulbarga. I felt that would be my last trips to those lovely campuses for that year. I was alone and enjoyed my stay at Gulbarga and Yadgir. Got a chance to catch up with all the teachers and students. I informed my boss about leaving the organisation to attend family and focus on other goals. 

March: I spent the first half at home and the next half in Rajasthan. Days at home just passed by and remember the last days I spent with mom, trying to be as present as possible. As soon as I moved to Rajasthan after 3 months, I began to attend theatre plays, met some amazing people, tried to focus on the work and planned to travel Uttarakhand and finish the work trips and headed to Udham Singh Nagar. All the while, got selected for IHIED. Caught up with Malavika, Abhishek. 

April: Spent the first week in Uttarakhand, catching up with friends at workplace. Moved to home to catch up with friends and family. Moved to Bangalore for a few meetings, caught up with Rajashri, Shubha, Deepu. Also managed to attend Thaikudam Bridge concert at L B Stadium. 

May: Visited Bihar to attend Azhar's wedding. Moved to Univeristy and spent the whole time there catching up with colleagues, friends and everyone for one last time as I was about to leave the foundation. It was very special and had a beautiful 4 years journey. Colourless got published and had a launch at Azim Premji Univeristy. Met Vaishnavi before I left Bangalore. A very happening and momentous month. At the end, left from Shubha's place. A very special place in Bangalore I'll resort to whenever I have a chance. 

June: Returned to Jaipur and did a road trip from Delhi to Hyderabad with Prudhvi. Caught up with friends in Hyderabad, Jaipur and office colleagues. Also, began to pack to move things from Jaipur to Kadapa. Was also preparing for Colourless exhibition at Maah, Jaipur. 

July: Had colourless book launch and exhibition at Jaipur. Moved to home soon after that. Shailija arrived from Delhi to support me for the exhibition. Means a lot. Also, Pooja, Somesh, Ashish, Gaurav, Vritika, Chandrika, Shreya, Kajol, Abhishek, Ambika ji, and a lot more friends supported me all through out the journey. Left Jaipur for one last. Ashish dropped me at the airport. Met Shailja, Abhishek & Ashish before I left Jaipur. Spent good time at home preparing for the trip. 

August: Was anxious of the whole journey on one night. After that night, there was a sense of peace all through out. Left home via train. Dropped dad at airport and I gave him send off instead of receiving his send off. Mom cried as I was leaving. Stayed with Dyu and Sneha before I leave India. Celebrated the moment with Joey's pizza and Sooraj Santosh songs. Landed in Geneva. Caught up with Sanket and Simran on the first day. As days passed, I began to find my rhythm in Geneva. 

September: Caught up with alot of new people. Went to Annecy. Got to know a lot of people and their journeys to Geneva. 

October: Went to Zurich. Attended A R Rahman concert. Met him and also had the best time in Zurich, thanks to many people. Had my first exhibition in Geneva, Empty Spaces Mayanadhi. It was attended by a lot of friends and loved ones. 

November: Turned 29. Had a birthday celebration. Grateful to have a lot of lovedones celebrating my birthday. Balaji got engaged. Swathi got married. Caught up with Jaya, Syam, Bala, Vasu, Harry,Anjali, Shobha mam and other friends. 

December: Back to Geneva and spent good time reading and writing. Studied a lot about health and well being. Managed to catch up with semester endings. 

In two words, 2023 is all about grief and gratitude to me. Had an intense and eventful year. Couldn't ask anything better than this. 

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