Thursday, December 28, 2023

Geneva Journals- The Chores

Ever since I moved out of home, chores has been part of life. Sometimes, I'm efficient at it, sometimes I struggle at it. I do not think I hated doing chores ever. I deprioritsed them over other tasks like writing, traveling, painting.

Till 2019 I lived alone and I was responsible for my space, work, chores. I had my way of doing them. After moving to Rajasthan, I had to share chores with Dyu and I had to say, he was very accomodative to me. He put up with me on a lot of things. We shared work and I always did the minimum I could do. When I moved to Jaipur, I struggled to get a rhythm for doing my chores. I'm grateful for all the services I had, thanks to my organisation and people around me. 

As I moved to Geneva, I could only find abundance in all the amenities and services. I need to find rhythm and little bit of planning to efficiently work on my chores. 

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