Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Thoughts- Writing for well-being

Writing has always helped. I picked writing when I was unable to communicate. Sounds Ironic!

I always had a bent for sounds, oration and speech. I always looked forward for an English class during my 4th grade, as I always get a chance to read the text aloud, with a lot of intonation, pauses and feel. Thanks Kiranmayi mam for never discouraging me on that. Since then, I was happy go lucky student, always participating in monologues, elocution, debates. I picked writing when I was unable to communicate my feelings. Very overwhelmed with adoloscence. That's when I wrote a dairy jotting my thoughts and shared it with my Dad and asked him to read it. He read it and got the whole text typed it for me. Back in 2008, typing the whole text that your 14 year old adoloscent son wrote in a diary. It means a lot. 

After that, I picked up writing diary as a regular task on Jan 4 2009, a friend's birthday and had something to write about. Since then, I continued writing. There were few instances where writing seemed to be a daunting task in life but, when I begin writing, It always helped. 

There's no sense of fear, no sense of judgement as you write. 

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