Sunday, January 15, 2023

Swimming Pool Sessions

During my last visit to home, I checked out the District Sports Authority Swimming Pool Complex. It had a lot of swimmers in the pool. This time, I went along with my cousin, to check it out. I also carried my swim wear to jump into pool, if possible. I approached the govt official. He tried to talk to me in Hindi. Naku Telugu vacchu, I had to show my mother tongue skills to validate being the local. 

Friendly official, shared the details and all the queries. 

If one would like to swim for an hour, they charge 100rs. One time Membership fee deposit is 3500, and then one has to pay monthly fee-700, if one wants to use the pool for month. 

Hourly fee made sense to me as I stay only for couple of days at home. The changing room was maintained well, so was the pool. I jumped into the clean pool and had a good time. Glad to see that Govt is providing good facilities & service at decent cost. Thanks District Sports Authority-Kadapa

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