Wednesday, January 25, 2023

A visit to Opthalmologist

 I accompanied dad when he wanted to visit an ENT hospital. Looking at the options we had, I wanted to go for an eye check up. I did not feel any issue, however, self-care doesn't harm at all, I told myself and paid the consultation fee. 

I was escorted into an AC room. I like the doctor rooms which are bright. Dr.Sunita, already got my name, age and other details. She made me sit in the special that has a lot of light and eye equipment attached to it. I was asked to look through all those machines. The doctor looked into my eyes with that equipment. One after the other, I was asked to keep my head in and out of the machines and stare into oblivion.  

It'd be great, if patients get a chance to see what doctors see- A peak into your own body.

I like doctors who try to communicate & listen to what patients have to say. A quick prescription and few suggestions, I was out of the room with a happy feeling that I've taken enough steps to take care of my eyes for a bit.

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