Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Art dialogues with Oorja

After a long time, I caught up with Oorja. Oorja pursued design in Woxsen school and is currently working for Telangana Government weaving Chamber. She has a lot of stories to share on her 1st job. 

I remember talking to her when I was beginning to paint during COVID times. Both of us got on well with abstract art and shared our stories. When I met her in-person, she showed me all the drawings and infact, gifted me one. I failed to pick it up from her home. Next time, will definitely pick it up. While we were discussing art, Akanksha acted as spectator questioning the meaning behind each and every piece. It was great fun 

Oorja mentioned that absence of social media helped her to focus and prioritise things in life. Good for her. It's time to prioritse things in life. Both of us spent good time discussing stories behind many of her drawings.

Oorja's Drawings.

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