Sunday, January 15, 2023

Friends- Visit to Shuba's Home

Shubha and Deepu are extremely warm hosts. I love spending time with them and the two energy packed lil humans, Ananya & Advaith. Watching advaith jumping around, I wonder how his energy is handled by anyone. Advaith and I went out for a walk. He encouraged me to get into the playground and join him on all the slides, swings and see-saws. 

I enjoyed accompanying him and playing along. 
Once, Advaith began to make imaginary ice cream, selling around. He pursued me to buy his mango icecream. Asking for the price, he quoted five hundred forty eight two hundred rupees.

I don't have that much. I have one rupee. I told him. He quickly accepted my request and sold the icecream. 

It was fun to be playful and go creative in making different recipes of icecreams. After an hour of play, we went home, freshening  up with a  hot bath. 

While Advaitha binge watches youtube videos, Ananya is more sober and is always at her studies, trying to complete her homework and exams. 

We ordered food through zomato and chilled out till the late night, listening to Deepu's love tales while Advaitha craves in for sprite and more sprite. He's willing to eat healthy Anna Saaru for a  cup of sprite. Ananya joins in having her dinner, listening to her Dad's stories. While Deepu shared his latest fight, Advaitha walks in suddenly demanding for maple syrup pan cakes. No one at 11 pm could dare to treat him with the dishes he ask for. His elder sister, walks in, taking him a side, solacing to treat him on a sunday. 

Watching this lovely family, I feel grateful to listen to them and spend more time with them. 

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