Sunday, January 22, 2023

Friends- Catching up with Kashyap

Kashyap is from E.I.E and I belong to Mechanical branch. We became friends when we began to work on art. Chetan Chavan was our mutual friend. Back in my 3rd year, I was attempting 3D art and sought Kashyap's help on how to go about it. He was happy and encouraging. From then on, we developed friendship and spent good time discussing stories, movies and art. A few memories are the play I attended with him and his short film screening at his apartments. Coincidentally, both of us attended a session by P.Sainath at Annapurna Film School.  That was the meet when Kashyap and I were venturing into new sectors. Kashyap into films and I into social sector. Later Kashyap worked on a project for his degree on a theme he picked from PARI Stories.  

After finishing his degree, Kashyap moved to Mumbai and I continued to stay in Rajasthan. Now, as I visited Mumbai, thought to catch up with Kashyap. Both of us met at KFC and got indulged in conversations. I love the way, our conversations went across routines, stories, career, romance, solitude and traveling. After a while, we moved out to head to our own destinations. As ever, clicked a picture for the memories. Wishing the best for Kashyap. Good times. 

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