Sunday, January 15, 2023

Movie- The Nambi Effect

I do not remember how I picked the book, Ready to Fire but, I enjoyed reading cover to cover, as it was revealing a lot I could never imagine of. Gripping and thought provoking tale of ISRO scientist- Nambi Narayanan. When Madhavan was trying to make a movie out of this book, I was joyful that Nambi's story deserves to reach masses and spread awareness about world politics. After a long time, I got a chance to check out the movie. Not comparing it with the book,  the movie is well made with a good screen play. In the first half of the movie, I couldn't enjoy much of the background score. Later, when Madhavan reunites with his family, the background score was striking. Other than that, enjoyed the movie. 

I remember my professor, Jayashree Nair talking about Cryogenic engines with a lot of passion. If only she starts her class with the politics behind the chase of this technology and the technology's application, it'd be more etching and inspiring. The college classroom sessions flashed as Madhavan went on talking about fluid dynamics and thermodynamics in the movie. I do not remember a bit of what I studied in college but, listening to its applications are quite interesting.

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